Entry form – for individual events for all masters and para paddlers


1.I do hereby declare that I participate in the event mentioned above at my own responsibility, I am fully responsible for my own appropriate health and physical condition, and physically able to participate in the event.
2. I am obligated to compete with a clear understanding and acceptance of all applicable ICF rules and statutes, I also accept the rules set out by the South African Canoe Federation as organizer of the ICF International Masters and Paracanoe Competition.
3. I will demonstrate sportsmanlike behaviour at the event, I will protect the sport and physical integrity of myself and my fellow participants, I will preserve others' boats and any equipment.
4. I acknowledge that upon non-compliance with any of the above regulations, I will be required to pay for any damages or losses incurred. Additionally I acknowledge that the organizer of the event is not liable for any negative impact of my participation on my physical condition.
Scan or photo
Colour digital head & Shoulders

If you have any problems with this entry, or if you require manual PDF entry forms, please contact us at info@wmc2017.co.za

Entries are only complete when all the payments, Copies of Passports and Photographs have been sent. Mary – info@dusi.co.za

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