Travel and Medical

ALL participants are kindly requested to contact their respective Embassy or South African Embassy in their respective home countries to obtain the latest travel and visa information for South Africa.

The event organizers have appointed a dedicated Travel Agent who has negotiated special airfares on certain airlines.
You are welcome to use your own travel agency, or you can contact the event representative at

Be aware that certain countries do require Visa documents to travel to South Africa.
Please also be aware that generally a Visa requires an up-to-date passport valid for a minimum of 6 months after the date of travel.
Obtaining Visa’s and passports can take a long time.

All competitors and participants at the World Championships are strongly advised to take out medical insurance policy in their respective countries. All medical insurance policies to include all evacuation and transport costs from one hospital to another.

The event organisers will provide emergency medical care at the course venue only. This will include:
Basic First Aid
Ambulance and evacuation services to a nearby hospital if necessary

Please note, the medical care does NOT include:
Any services required within any hospital
Any additional transport or ambulance services required once the patient is no longer at the course venue
Any first aid or other services away from the course venue
Any specialised physiotherapy or other treatment

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